An Open Letter To Lady Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga,

Do you ever wake up in the wee hours of the night in a cold sweat asking yourself "When I talk, do I make any sense?"

Case in point, your interview with Ellen DeGeneres. You sauntered in fresh from the VMA's onto her set in what I can only describe as the most ghastly "outfit" in the history of fashion.

Not since I heard stories as a child of Nazis using human skin as home decor items, have I been so disgusted with ones choice of personal decor/adornment.

It's not so much that I'm angry that you used a dead being as a dress, but that the dead being served only one purpose. To perpetuate some lame image of eccentricity.

Hear me our Miss Gaga. I am not one of those vegans who judge those that eat meat. I prepare meat for the hubby. If one wants to consume it, I feel it's not my place to judge. But let me ask you, what exactly did you do with the carcass once you were done with it? Did you just throw it away?

With a reported 40 million Americans on food stamps currently, the 25 lbs. of flesh you wore could have fed a few of those families. While your efforts to work towards making America a more tolerant place for homosexuals to live and thrive are admirable (and I stand behind it wholeheartedly) I would like to tell you that human rights do not stop at Don't Ask Don't Tell. Human rights encompasses all the plight we as people of this country have to endure in order to live another day. This includes poverty. Don't you want all American citizens to live well and thrive? As a human rights advocate, you need to look at every aspect of your actions.

You could argue that you and many of your peers in the entertainment business flaunt your wealth in a sickeningly vulgar way all the time. And you do. But that is why we like celebrities. It is an escape for us. We like looking at "who wore what", and "who wore it better". But by wearing a dead body that many consider food is down right disrespectful.

I'm so sorry Miss Gaga. I'm really getting off track here. Back to your segment on Ellen. I think what really bothered me the most was that you felt you needed a political reason behind wearing this. "If we don't stick up for what we believe in, we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones." WHAT?! What in the world does that even mean? Miss Gaga, I feel that I have the capacity to think in both logical, and abstract ways, but I still cannot make sense of what you said.

You stepped out onto the white carpet in quite a stunning way. Even beautiful. Since I have never been a fan of yours, or anything you do I was really impressed. I was taken aback as you glided across the carpet in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.) creation and escorted by several homosexual service people who were discharged due to the hotly debated Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Again it was stunning, it was tasteful, and best of all it made a point. You had a valid reason for your grand entrance.
But I cannot wrap my mind around your reasoning behind the dead dress. After all, you ARE Lady Gaga. We expect you to wear something shocking and weird. We expect to be shocked. You don't need to back up your fashion choices with with anything. You don't need to explain. Just keep your mouth shut and look weird. I find your explanation of the "outfit" as fake as the wig on your head. You say that there were other reasons behind the "dress" as well. What exactly were they? Do they make any sense?

How do you think your homosexual vegan and vegetarian fans feel about your outfit of choice? I wonder how Ellen felt sitting next to your rotting wardrobe.Your Little Monsters may have cheered, but Ellen didn't seem to buy it any more than I did.

There are many ways to be eccentric Miss Gaga. Howard Hughes never had to wear flesh to be considered eccentric. He grew out a beard, and peed in milk bottles. Best of all, he didn't have to preface his actions with a lame made up political statement.

Save yourself the trouble Miss Gaga and take a cue from Mr. Hughes. Buy a hotel in Vegas, and don't leave it. Ever.



kym said...

I am a fan of Lady GaGa's but even I have to admit she went way too far with this outfit.
It was gross and I didn't get the politcal statement behind it.

Your points are very valid and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

Can you imagine the smell of that outfit? At first I thought it was fake, but apparently it wasn't.


krista said...

everyone i know is a fan, so usually i'm in the minority during lady gaga discussions. :) but i just couldn't hold back. my vegan rage may have gotten the best of me this time.

all i could think of was the smell also. :) i quietly begged her not to sit down in the chair. ew.

mab said...

When I heard about this dress, all I could think was "ew." Then, I wondered why. I don't think she had any thought beyond "This will get attention! Oh, wait... I need a reason behind this... I can't say that I'm crying out for attention and need to be shocking to others to feel value. I know! I'll say something about human rights!"

Krista, I'm with you: I also thought about the families who don't have enough to eat. We live in an impoverished section of New Orleans and the reality of homelessness + hunger surrounds us. Want to make a real political statement, Lady Gaga? Donate the $ you paid for your nasty meat dress to the poor and show up in your skivvies. You'll get your attention & those who need the help will get a bit of it.

christinaalessi said...

Came to your site via the craft supply swap.

I couldn't agree more with you or the commenters above. The smell. And someone had to CLEAN that chair.

Ugh. I'm so sick of this idiot.

MalteseLizzieMcGee said...

I wouldn't have minded the meat dress so much if she had given a decent reason for wearing and AND done something with it so as not to waste the meat afterwards.
THe reason Lady Gaga gave for wearing that dress was absolutley bizarre and made little sense: if she'd done it to make a point about wearing fur or food (eg. if you'd eat it, why wouldn't you wear it? or If it isn't acceptable to wear a meat dress why is it any better to wear fur)

I wonder how soon it took for her row to empty at the event? Just imagine, everyone slowly moving away, seat by seat . . .

Lindsay said...

Hi! I found your blog through some other blog that had a link to some other blog...

Anyway, the other thing that riles me up about the meat dress is that it's directly ripped off from the artist Jana Sterback's piece Vanitas.

So it's not even original weirdness. And can you imagine how this dress would smell? Ugh.

Debbie in Grayson said...

Have you seen Oprah's Next Chapter interview with Lady Gaga that aired recently. If you do, perhaps you will have a different opinion of this very intellient, extremely talented, caring young woman.

Linda @ Two Succulent Sisters said...

Have to give you credit for speaking your mind and not worrying about offending anyone. Read some of your other posts. You are too funny. Best wishes, Linda

Did you know you had word verification on? Someone told me about mine a few months ago but it kept turning back on. I think it's off now. If you visit and it's on, please, please tell me.

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