Make This Muff. A Toasty Tutorial.

It's getting very cold here in Cleveland, and I didn't have any gloves. But gloves aren't good enough for me. I need something that nobody else has, while keeping me warm at the same time. I had to make a muff for my hands.

I found this psychedelic fleece in the remnant bin for uber-cheap. I have never sewn fleece before, but I couldn't pass it up. Muffs are usually made from fur (ew) and I do have a yard of faux fur in white just begging to be used, but like I said, I like to be different. So a typical white furry muff just isn't my cup of tea.

This print looks funny as a muff. It makes me think of what would happen if Marcia Brady was put in charge of wardrobe for her high school production of A Christmas Carol. But I like it.


* What you need

* 2 Pieces of fleece 13"x17"
* A 13"x17" piece of batting
* Cording, ribbon, or trim cut to your desired length (not pictured). It will go around your neck, so be sure to find a length that is comfortable for you. I cut mine at 20". Of course, you can opt to leave this out if you desire.

First, place the batting on the wrong side of one of your bits of fleece. We will call this the "outer piece". With the batting facing out, fold in half along the width.

Pin edges together, and sew about a half an inch in.

Do the same to your other piece of fleece. This will be called the "lining." Fold in half along the width, with the right sides together. Pin, and sew half an inch in.

Trim the excess from your seams.

**Optional** I'm like a child, and can't seem to keep track of my winter accessories. So this little neck strap will come in handy for me, since I can still wear it without having to shove my hands in it. If you don't want a neck strap, you can skip this step.

Take your strap (cording, lace, ribbon, whatever) pull it through the inside of the "tunnel", and pin it to the outer piece about 2 to 3 inches from the seam leaving a 1/2" "tail". Be sure to face the edges in.

Now stitch your strap on. Don't forget to backstitch over it a few times. You want it securely sewn in there.

Now, turn the outer part right side out.

**To ensure I wouldn't sew my strap to the muff in crazy ways while sewing the outer piece, and lining together, I gathered my strap in the middle, and pinned it there. Of course, you don't have to do this.**

Now, stuff the outer piece into the lining. Be sure to match up the seams. You may have to do some trimming around the raw edges to ensure a perfect fit.

Next, pin the lining to the outer piece along the edges. You will only sew along one of these edges though.

Sew along one edge only, about half an inch in.

Now, turn the whole project right side out. You will end up with a big tube.

Stuff the lining into your outer piece.

Next, turn the open edges in (about half an inch) and pin together.

Now, close to the edge, topstitch both sides.

With all of your topstitching complete, your muff is all done. Now put it on, be warm, and be different!


von Hand zu Hand said...

great. i love this way to sew a muff.

i set a link to your tutorial. i hope you'll agree.



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